CPF Bio-Security is the ultimate approach of imperative control measure start from animal feed, farm and food products.

At CPF integration, Bio-security is very strict to prevent the possible spread of disease. Bio-security starts from the facility design. Farms/hatcheries are located, designed, constructed proper fencing and maintained to suitable for animal raising and isolate from the urban area, other farm area to prevent the disease transmission. All CP farm are achieved the poultry farm/hatchery standard (GAP), factory are certified by the Department of Livestock Development (DLD).

CPF Bio-security awareness of everyone in various parts of a poultry operation are implement through the imperative measure such as control of person entering and exiting the farm/hatchery, good hygiene practice, control of vehicle, pest control waste management, buffer zone, disposition of manure.

At CPF, Bio-security is the set of management practice which collectively reduce the potential for introduction or spread of disease that CPF ensure excellent health and development of poultry product resulting in food safety to consumer.