In addition, CPF has developed modern farm management system which emphasizes bio-security measure and good feeding program using high quality commercial pellet feed. This farming system requires little water exchange, thus, reducing impact to the environment. We have excellent after-sales service provided to farmers who are customers of our shrimp fries, fish fingerlings and feed. Our team of fishery experts will provide consultations and advice throughout the growing cycle. The success and sustainability of the aquaculture business can be assured. CPF marine animal species include:

Shrimp Broodstock and Fries
Shrimp Broodstock and Fries

White shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei): selected from strong and healthy broodstock that are sturdy, fast growing and specific pathogen free. Our hatcheries are designed with growing management system that assimilate nature including temperature and feeding scheme. The hatcheries are ISO 9001:2000 (quality system) and ISO 14001:2004 (environment) certified. Our CPF-R shrimp fries are fast growing and disease resistant, particularly to the taura sysdrom virus. Moreover, our shrimp fries have high survival rate.

CPF Aquatic Marine Animal Spacies
rine Animal Spacies

Starting with natural selection process, CPF picks the best dominant characteristics of each breed resulting in high quality hybrid that is sturdy, fast growing and has high survival rate.

CP tabtim tubtim (red tilapia) fingerling: grown in clean waterways, CP tabtim tubtim fish is meaty, with good taste and texture and free from muddy odor. It is also free of any drug residuals. The fish can be prepared in variety of ways such as blanched, boiled, steamed, fried or cooked in soup.

CP tilapia fingerling: Similar to tubtim, CP tilapia fish is meaty, good taste without muddy flavor as it is raised in clean water source. Thus, it is safe and free of drug residuals. CP tilapia fish is sought after both domestically and from overseas buyers.

CP catfish fingerling: Grown in farms with good farm management techniques and fed with commercial pellet feed, CP catfish is fresh, clean and hygienic. The meat has nice color with sweet taste and full of nutritional values.

CP Giant freshwater Prawn shrimp: Has small claws but firm meat texture with good taste. It is free of drug residuals and is in demand both domestically and overseas.

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