CPF operates integrated agro-industrial and food business with its objectives to provide products in high quality and environmentally and socially responsible manner.
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CPF is committed to providing high quality products that are nutritious, tasty, safe and traceable.
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Continuously develop and achieve business growth goals and fulfill the commitment to sustainable long-term value. Go with all stakeholders.
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The company is still working hard to raise its competitive edge. For continued growth
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Media Center
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CPF Training Center

The company recognizes that continuing education / training is necessary to bring about better employee productivity and smooth operations in all facets of its enterprise
The CPF Training Center (CPFTC) aims to attain “People Excel, Business Exceeds” at all levels of personnel. CPFTC incorporates standardized practices and backward traceability in accordance with the International Standard, ISO 9001:2008 of URS, which receives accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), United Kingdom. The Company officially adopted this Standard in March 2012, which has covered both the CPFTC operation and over 40 training courses encompassing the following:
  • Leadership / Managerial Skills Development
  • Functional / Technical Skills Development
  • Computer Training
  • Language Development

Knowledge Management

The “Knowledge Management” maintains vast quantities of material in countless relevant fields of knowledge in one place for easy, fast access. There are currently more than 50,000 books, reports, and technical documents. With innovative learning tools and information technology, such as Websites, e-learning and interactive simulation, employees can easily access these resources at any time and place for self-help learning.
“Leaders-Develop-Leaders (LDL)” Initiative aims to develop leadership and professionalism qualities in all levels of personnel, and is a top priority of the Company’s human resources development effort. The Initiative integrates the Company’s “Kitchen of the World” vision and “CPF Way” culture into a unified intellectual and practical training framework; leaderships of exceptional abilities and ethics are the goal of the training. In 2012, about 2,500 employees completed the LDL Initiative; and a total of over 7,000 employees did in 2011-2012
In collabouration with Consulting Networking and Coaching Center (CONC), Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Thammasat University, “CPF Mini Masters of Business Administration (MBA): Professional Leaders Series” was established in 2012
Its goal has been to help prepare the Company’s executives for business expansions and the forthcoming implementation of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015. Thirty of the Company’s executives completed the Series, comprised of both classroom and practical (“Action Learning”) training, between August 2012 and March 2013. Graduates will be awarded the Certificate by Thammasat University

Lean Six Sigma

The organization is developing Lean Six Sigma-focused excellence, quality, efficiency, and growth of sustainable businesses. For continuous improvement, speed and systematic organization. By using the statistical principles to reduce variation, analysis processes to increase potential, human resource development and response strategies timely. Lean Six Sigma is a strategy driving the organization to complete the work. And the results have been measurable in money that has been validated by accounting clearly
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