CPF operates integrated agro-industrial and food business with its objectives to provide products in high quality and environmentally and socially responsible manner.
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CPF is committed to providing high quality products that are nutritious, tasty, safe and traceable.
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Continuously develop and achieve business growth goals and fulfill the commitment to sustainable long-term value. Go with all stakeholders.
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The company is still working hard to raise its competitive edge. For continued growth
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Media Center
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Food industry is one of the industry sectors that has limitations on, among others, capital and technology.1 Transforming the traditional way of food production into a more innovative process to create added value for products is thus crucial for the food industry. The world is entering into the era where technology is advancing rapidly, where people have rapid lifestyles, and where aged society is inevitable. The trend in the food industry now is to focus on functional food, healthy products, and nutritional extracts to produce high quality food. The industry is also geared towards developing new processes including technology for food preservation and transport.2
  1. Compete by Using Technology and Innovation, Yongvut Saowapruk, President of the National Food Institute, Prachachat Online, 2019.
  2. Food Innovation, Dr.Pensiri Kaewthong and Dr.Supatra Kanchanapratum, Faculty of Agro-Industry, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Food Science and Technology Association of Thailand, 2019.

Management Approach

Policy and Commitment
We declare our commitment to developing healthy products and adhering to our health and nutrition policy as well as other relevant policies.
Research and Development
We invest in research and development to create innovation in animal feed, animal farming and food products that are of high quality, diverse, and in line with market demands.
Innovative Organization
We create the working environment that promotes new innovation for sustainability of the organization.
We collaborate with external stakeholders to create innovation.

Commitment :

Advance innovation and technology in the food industry

Goal (Thailand) :

30% of our new products are developed to be healthier and more nutritious by 2020.

Performance in 2020 :

35% of our new products were developed to be healthier and more nutritious.

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