CPF operates integrated agro-industrial and food business with its objectives to provide products in high quality and environmentally and socially responsible manner.
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CPF is committed to providing high quality products that are nutritious, tasty, safe and traceable.
Corporate Governance
Continuously develop and achieve business growth goals and fulfill the commitment to sustainable long-term value. Go with all stakeholders.
our mision
Message to Shareholders
The company is still working hard to raise its competitive edge. For continued growth
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CPF and its subsidiaries have highly concerned on managing Occupational Safety and Health for every employees and workers
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Media Center
CPF Group is very aware of the creation. Safety and Health Good to all employees
"Developing Win-win Partnership"
In 30-40 years from now, agricultural and food industry must find ways to double food production to meet demand of the world’s growing population despite the limited resources.
This challenge has led to increasing attention on responsible production standards throughout the agricultural and food supply chain. Consumers and civil society organizations expect food companies to develop innovation and technology to increase efficiency in a sustainable manner. Companies are also expected to be responsible for addressing human rights issues in their supply chain namely, child labor, forced labor, migrant labor, as well as managing environmental issues namely, soil degradation, water scarcity, and forest encroachment, in the companies’ agricultural and food supply chain.However, to support the responsible production standards throughout the long and complicated agricultural and food supply chain, we need a shared commitment and collaborative networks to lead the supply chain towards concrete long term positive changes.
Our Management Approach
The Company believes that in order to achieve our strategic directions in creating growth, driving excellence, and laying the strong foundation in line with the vision to become “Kitchen of the World”, we need to integrate the management of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects into business conducts of the Company and our business partners. We, therefore, have been driving sustainability in the supply chain through the knowledge transfer and experience with our business partners. Our objectives are to build capacity in responsible production and enhance sustainability in the food supply chain which would eventually contribute to food security and balance of nature.
Policy and Practice
Sharing responsible and sustainable practics through dissenination of the "Sustainable Sourcing Policy and Supplier Guiding Principle"
Traceability and Audit
Developing traceability system for key raw materials and conducting audit on critical suppliers
Co-Create Partnership
Co-designing, co-developing, and co-supporting value creation programs together with business partners, farmers, government agencies and networks for sustainable development
Risk Assessment
Assessing risks in the supply chain on an annual basis and encouraging business partners to conduct supplier sustainability self-assessment
Capacity Building
Building capacity on responsible production and optimizing the use of tools, machines, equipment and technology based on sustainable development principles
Monitor And Review
Monitoring performance against targets and reviewing practices/management r continuous improvement opportunities