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Occupational Safety and Health Management

CPF has recognised and placed importance on employees and contractors’ occupational health, safety and workplace environment as well as social and environmental responsibility, and efficient use of resources commitment. CPF has therefore continually operated businesses according to its CPF Safety, Health, Environment and Energy Management Standard (CPF SHE&En Standard) which is in line with the international standards: ISO14001, ISO45001, and ISO50001. CPF has also strictly complied with domestic and international laws and regulations. CPF SHE&En Standard is regularly reviewed at least once a year to ensure its consistency with changing organisational contexts and concerns voiced by the stakeholders and for the company to use it as a mechanism to manage risks, safety, health, environment and energy. It has been applied across all units at the departmental level covering CPF’s employees and contractors under the supervision of CPF. Moreover, the SHE Management Committee has been established according to requirements of law. The committee members including representatives of executives and employees shall consider safety policies and plans of the units by having at least one meeting per month. In addition, the SHE Management Committee shall listen to feedbacks and suggestions in order to improve risk and hazard control measures in accordance with SHE & En Standard of the units as well.

  • Occupational Safety and Health Management Standards
  • Planning

  • Establishing the management structure to drive policies, strategies, and work plans in order to achieve set goals
  • Identifying and assessing risks as well as setting plans to control and reduce risks to an acceptable level at all times for all activities in all operating areas.
  • Identifying and fully complying with relevant legal and other requirements
  • Setting and reviewing goals, indicators and plans that are consistent with and support the business plan in order to conduct annual operational effectiveness assessment
  • Enhancing employees’ and contractors’ abilities and awareness through trainings and activities promoting knowledge on occupational safety and health
  • Communicating and cultivating positive occupational safety and health within and outside the organisation


  • Determining rules and regulations and controlling operations in accordance with the standard operating procedure both in normal and emergency situations.

    Follow up, review and improvement

  • Following up and assessing operational effectiveness by conducting incident fact finding in order to analyse facts to determine proactive preventive measures, as well as sharing lessons learned with relevant stakeholders.

    According to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, the Company concerns the safety of its employee. Therefore the committee and center for prevention of the spread of coronary infection in 2019 (COVID-19) were appointed and established in order to set measures and plans to handle the situation. Moreover, the company has launched “CPF COVID-19 Hotline” for the employees in order to answer all questions or concerns about COVID-19, 24 hours by the COVID-19 Management Center since we care the physical and mental health of our employees.

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