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To ensure that all shareholders are treated equally and fairly based on their fundamental rights, the Company must have measures to prevent misuse of insider information for the interests of oneself or other persons, or disclosure of information to persons associated with directors or executives to the detriment of shareholders as a whole. The shareholders meeting process must also support equal treatment of all shareholders.
To ensure that all shareholders are treated equally and protected equally, the Board has set guidelines.
Use of Insider Information
1.The Company has a policy on the management and use of insider information with an aim to ensure that significant information which may affect the price and value of its securities has been disseminated correctly, clearly and in accordance with the relevant laws. Moreover, the policy also determine the proper measures to preserve the confidentially of the information which all directors, executives and employees are obligated to strictly adhere. This policy includes the management and type of inside information as well as the method to disseminate such information publicly. In addition to this policy, the Company also has the regulation on securities trading which indicates that the Company's directors, executives and employees of the Company who can access to inside information must prepare and submit a report on the holding, sale and purchase of securities issued by the within the period of time prescribed by the relevant law and regulations whenever there is a change. The Company Secretary's Office must also report changes in the securities holdings of the directors and executives to a Board meeting on a quarterly basis. In addition, the regulation on securities trading also clearly specify the blackout periods as follows: (1) since the following date after the end of each quarter until (include) the day which CPF disclose its quarterly financial performance (2) since the beginning of significant project which have not disclosed publicly until (include) the end of such project and (3) any other period that the Company Secretary might specify from time to time.
Moreover, the Company's directors and executives have to notify the board or its delegate at least one business day before dealing in the Company securities.
Protection of the Rights of Minority Shareholders
2.Minority shareholders are given the opportunity to propose matters to be included in the agenda before the meeting date, and to nominate qualified individuals for election as directors. The rules, channels, and timing for submitting these matters are posted on the Company's website for shareholders' information.
3.The Company provides a proxy form on which shareholders can dictate the direction of their voting through proxies in the event that shareholders are unable to attend the meeting in person. At least one independent director will be nominated in a notice of meeting as an alternative proxy for shareholders.
4.A notice of meeting will specify the documents or evidence, including instructions and process for appointing a proxy, in order to ensure correct preparation by shareholders and to avoid problems in the attendance of meeting by proxies. The rules, procedures, and conditions for the appointment of proxies will be prescribed according to the legal requirements. The Company will not intentionally include any other requirement to make it complicated for shareholders to appoint proxies.
5.The Company shall ensure that no shareholder who is an executive can add any agenda items without advance notice, through the same process applicable to general shareholders
6.Shareholders are equally entitled to one vote for each share held by them.
7.A policy regarding transactions which may cause conflicts of interest shall be established to provide explicit guidelines and prescribe a careful, reasonable, and independent consideration process for the execution of such transactions within the scope of the code of ethics aThe Company shall explicitly disclose shareholders information on related party transactions, which include the names and relationships of the related persons, pricing policies, and transaction values, as well as the Board's opinions relating to such transactions.
8.The Company shall explicitly disclose shareholders information on related party transactions, which include the names and relationships of the related persons, pricing policies, and transaction values, as well as the Board's opinions relating to such transactions.
9.In case of related party transactions requiring shareholders’ approval, the decision shall be made by shareholders who have right to vote only, excluding shareholders who have a conflict of interest according to the relevant regulations of the regulatory bodies.
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