CPF operates integrated agro-industrial and food business with its objectives to provide products in high quality and environmentally and socially responsible manner.
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The Board of Directors recognizes the rights of shareholders as provided by laws, and support the exercise of their rights in a manner not inconsistent with the provisions of the laws. The Board of Directors will not do anything which violates or deprives shareholders of their rights. To promote the exercise of rights by shareholders, the Board of Directors has established guidelines as set forth below.
เTo promote the exercise of rights by shareholders, the Board of Directors has established guidelines as set forth below.
General Practices
1.The Company shall ensure that all shareholders have the fundamental rights as prescribed by the laws, such as the equal right to profit sharing, the right to receive adequate news and information of the Company in a timely manner, etc., and shall facilitate and encourage shareholders, especially the institutional group, to attend and exercise their voting rights at shareholders meetings.
2.The Company shall ensure that the total number of shares held by directors does not exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of the total number of shares issued and sold by the Company.
3.The Company shall promote the maintenance of ordinary shareholding by minority shareholders at a proportion in excess of forty percent (40%) of the total number of shares issued and sold by the Company.
4.The Company shall not obstruct or cause obstacle to communication opportunities among shareholders.
5.When a shareholders agreement is to be executed by any shareholders, the Company shall endeavor to ensure that such shareholders agreement will not materially affect the Company or other shareholders.
6.The Company shall refrain from doing anything to limit shareholders' opportunities to study information publicly disclosed by the Company.
Procedures before the Date of Shareholders Meeting
7.The Company shall ensure that a notice of meeting, in Thai and English, is sent to shareholders at least 21 days prior to the meeting date, and posted on the Company's website at least 30 days prior to the meeting date. A notice of meeting shall consist of the following information:
7.1the date, time and place of the meeting, an agenda which clearly describes the respective agenda items, the rules and procedures relating to attendance of the meeting and voting under each agenda item, as well as adequate information, rationales, and opinions of the Board of Directors for the proposed agenda items so as to enable shareholders to exercise their independent decision making and protect their interests and the Company's overall interests;
7.2the profiles of persons nominated to be directors, e.g. their ages, educational background, work experience and number of companies in which they hold directorship position, the rules and method of nomination, the types of directors who are nominated for re-election, their attendance of meetings during the previous years and the date of their first appointments as directors, etc. for the shareholders' information and consideration under the agenda item relating to the election of directors;
7.3the names of auditors nominated for appointment, their companies, experience, expertise, independence, and fee for the shareholders' information and consideration under the agenda item relating to the appointment of auditors; and
7.4the dividend payment policy and the proposed amount and rate of dividend payment, including other supplementary details for the shareholders' information and consideration under the agenda item relating to dividend payment.
8.The Company shall provide shareholders with an opportunity to raise questions relating to the agenda items to the Board of Directors prior to the meeting date.
Procedures on the Date of Shareholders Meeting
9.Responsibilities of the Board
10.A shareholders meeting shall be held in a locality with convenient transportation to facilitate attendance of the meeting by shareholders.
11.Sufficient personnel and technologies must be provided to examine the documents of shareholders and fully facilitate their attendance and voting, as well as to support vote counting and the announcement of the results, so that the meeting can be conducted expeditiously and so the voting results are accurate.
12.All directors and management are encouraged to attend shareholders meetings to answer shareholders' questions.
13.The Company shall arrange persons to verify vote counting in the shareholders meeting, and disclose them in the minutes of the shareholders meeting.
14.Before the commencement of a shareholders meeting, the chairman of the meeting or a person assigned by them shall explain the rules for the meeting and the voting procedures and method.
15.During a meeting, the chairman or a person assigned by them shall inform the meeting of the details and rationale supporting its decision on the proposed matters, and the votes required for the respective agenda items.
16.For each agenda item which requires a resolution of the meeting, the voting shall be made by ballot, unless shareholders have voted in advance through their forms of proxy.
17.Voting for election of directors shall be conducted on a person-by-person basis, under the agenda item relating to election of directors.
Procedures after the Date of Shareholders Meeting
18.Resolutions and voting results of a shareholders meeting shall be disclosed on the day following the meeting date, via a newsletter which is publicized through the information disclosure system of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and on the Company's website.
19.Minutes of the shareholders meeting shall be prepared and publicly published on the Company's website within 14 days of the meeting date. Resolutions of the meeting, including the numbers of affirmative, negative and abstaining votes for the respective agenda items, shall be clearly recorded in the minutes.
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