CPF operates integrated agro-industrial and food business with its objectives to provide products in high quality and environmentally and socially responsible manner.
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CPF is committed to providing high quality products that are nutritious, tasty, safe and traceable.
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Continuously develop and achieve business growth goals and fulfill the commitment to sustainable long-term value. Go with all stakeholders.
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The company is still working hard to raise its competitive edge. For continued growth
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Poverty and social inequality have remained challenging issues that affect quality of life and well-being of people worldwide. Moreover, due to the ongoing situation of COVID-19 outbreak over the past 2 years, smallholder farmers who produce agricultural raw materials are one group of people who are facing a difficult situation including problems caused by climate change, low production prices and increased production costs.[1] In addition, small business entrepreneurs, accounted for 90 percent of global business operations with employment rate contributing to more than 50 percent of global employment[2], is another group that faces these challenges. Meanwhile, the world is entering an aging society and the number of vulnerable social groups due to various crises is increasing.[3] As CPF's business operations are linked to many stallholder farmers and small business entrepreneurs, CPF recognizes its role of its participation in managing social and environmental issues, by placing importance on developments of farmers and small business entrepreneurs as well as vulnerable groups in order to enhance well-being, increase necessary knowledge and skills, and support business partners and communities to be prepared for current and future challenges. CPF believes that a genuine commitment to improving the quality of life is a starting point that leads to change, resulting in sustainable outcomes.
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  • [2] Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Finance, The World Bank, January 2022.
  • [3] World Population Ageing 2020 Highlights, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division.

Management Approach

Declarations of Policy and Commitment Conducting business with social and environmental responsibility, aiming for sustainable growth.
Ensuring engagements Engaging with partners, farmers and community members, by listening to their problems and requirements as well as participating in developing operational guidelines that positively affect people’s lives.
Providing Support and Promotion Deploying organizational potential which includes resources, personnel, and knowledge to support partners, farmers and community members in order to create positive impacts and mitigate negative impacts in societies.
Building cooperation and alliance networks Collaborating with alliance networks throughout the Company's value chain, including related stakeholders, to jointly develop operational guidelines that promote the improvement of community quality of life.

Commitment :

Engaging communities through initiatives which support smallholder farmers, community education, strengthen food and nutrition security, and develop local economy.

2030 Target :

Improve 3,000,000 livelihoods in communities connected to our business activities

Performance in 2022 :

Improve 2,516,456 livelihoods in communities connected to our business activities

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