Lead the way to Sustainability

Based on the core philosophy “3-Benefit to Sustainability for the Country, People and Company” and significant the key material issues between the Company and stakeholders, which derived from participatory development framework “Understanding CPF’s Business, Understanding Global Trends, Understanding Priorities”, this would lead to the determination of policies and strategic directions for social responsibility to sustainability under the concept “3 pillars: Food Security, Self-Sufficiency, and Balance of Nature”.

Corporate Social Responsibility towards Sustainability Policy
Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited and Subsidiaries

With the “Kitchen of the World” vision, Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited and Subsidiaries (“CPF Group”) is dedicated to vertically integrated agro-industrial and food businesses mission. The Company is committed to providing products and services of high quality, nutrition, tastiness and safety, complete with traceability as well as strives to achieving sustainable growth with socially and environmentally responsible manner.

The Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Committee has been appointed by the Company’s Board of Directors to promote corporate social responsibility towards sustainability. The policy on CPF Group’s social responsibility towards sustainability, endorsed by The Board of Directors, has been outlined under 3 major pillars: “Food Security, Self-Sufficiency Society and Balance of Nature” covering 5 significant issues which are the Group’s Materiality. The policy serves as the guiding principle for the Board of Directors, executives and employees at all levels as follows:

  • Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

    CPF Group strongly believes that good governance, appropriate risk management and compliance to relevant laws and regulations are vital to organizational management. Significant guiding principles are as follows:

    • Strictly adhere to the Corporate Governance Policy to ensure transparency and verification as well as fair treatment to its stakeholders; disclosure of information in completeness and correctness; anti-corruption principle under risk analysis and competent management guideline; fair business practice by promoting free trade competition and avoiding activities that contribute to conflicts of interest.
    • Closely and continuously monitor situations and risk factors on economic, social, environmental and other issues; evaluate impacts and carefully set short-term and long-term guiding principles. Every unit in the Company is required to act as risk owner in charge of governance and managing risk under its responsibility.
    • Strictly comply with relevant domestic and international laws and regulations; continuously study and monitor law amendments and encourage business partners to practice in the same alignment.
  • People Development

    Cognizance of “Employee” as the heart of business success and sustainability, CPF GROUP has adopted its human resources policy under the vision of “People Excel, Business Exceed” which focuses on fair treatment to employees and respect on human rights. The guiding principles areas follows:

    • Cultivate the “CPF Way” values and promote ethics as foundation principle for employees.
    • Encourage employee engagement to the organization through promoting diversity and inclusion, supporting employee participation in the organization’s social activities and communicating through multiple channels, under a working environment which emphasizes safety and health as well as work-life balance.
    • Promote leadership and professional development by allowing employees at all levels to enhance their knowledge, skills and competency without discrimination.
    • Develop CPF Group as the “Employer of Choice” by providing equal employment opportunities, fair and competitive payments and suitable career growth.
  • Food Safety and Consumer Health

      Enhancing Quality & Safety Food by:

    • Developing products and food innovation for diversity in design and taste; promoting nutritional health and responding to the needs of those with special nutritional requirements.
    • Providing correct and adequate product information to help customers and consumers in their buying decisions including campaigns on nutrition and healthy lifestyle for sustainable consumption.
    • Contributing to Improving Food Access by:

    • Enhancing the learning process and accessibility to nutritional foods and balanced consumption especially among those with special nutritional requirements or attention such as children and the elderly.
    • Working on preparations and food management during crisis for stakeholders’ benefits.
  • Society Development
    • Community’s Quality of Life: Cooperate with communities adjacent to business establishments to improve quality of life and safeguard natural resources and environment in the vicinities.
    • Win-Win Partnership: Cooperate with farmers and its business partners to develop occupational knowledge, promote business operations with social responsibility as well as support innovation development.
    • Self-Resilient Society: Cooperate with the society and social development networks to improve people’s way of life and occupations, as well as develop local wisdoms in accordance with sufficient economy towards self-dependence.
  • Environment Preservation
    • Ensure efficient resources utilization under the 4Rs principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replenish, in parallel to innovation development to increase efficiency and minimize negative impact on the environment.
    • Promote sustainable sourcing with an emphasis on finding key raw materials from sources that protect natural resources and are safe for communities and consumers, as well as operate business with fairness while promoting corporate social responsibility in supply chain.
    • Develop sustainable products with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in order to acquire quality products that are safe for consumers and environmentally friendly.
    • Support and participate in mitigating climate change as well as preserving natural resources and bio-diversity for a balanced ecological system.

Statement on Slavery Human Trafficking

CPF Direction in CSR to Sustainability

To enhance sustainability policies into practice, the Company has set DIRECTION IN CSR TO SUSTAINABILITY under the three pillars: “Food Security”, “Self-Sufficiency Society” and “Balance of Nature” covered 5 key aspects, and also acknowledged the global trends and future tendencies.

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