Lead the way to Sustainability

Based on the core philosophy “3-Benefit to Sustainability for the Country, People and Company” and significant the key material issues between the Company and stakeholders, which derived from participatory development framework “Understanding CPF’s Business, Understanding Global Trends, Understanding Priorities”, this would lead to the determination of policies and strategic directions for social responsibility to sustainability under the concept “3 pillars: Food Security, Self-Sufficiency, and Balance of Nature”.

Sustainability Policy

CPF is committed to conducting business ethically and in compliance with applicable laws of every country in which we operate. In addition, we have a broad set of various policies and principles in place that guide us in everything we do and lay the strong foundation for sustainable growth.

CPF Direction in CSR to Sustainability

To enhance sustainability policies into practice, the Company has set DIRECTION IN CSR TO SUSTAINABILITY under the three pillars: “Food Security”, “Self-Sufficiency Society” and “Balance of Nature” covered 5 key aspects, and also acknowledged the global trends and future tendencies.

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