CPF operates integrated agro-industrial and food business with its objectives to provide products in high quality and environmentally and socially responsible manner.
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CPF is committed to providing high quality products that are nutritious, tasty, safe and traceable.
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Continuously develop and achieve business growth goals and fulfill the commitment to sustainable long-term value. Go with all stakeholders.
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The company is still working hard to raise its competitive edge. For continued growth
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Unhealthy food is the cause of 8 million premature deaths worldwide each year, and it is expected to cause a global economic crisis as a result of the increasing healthcare costs related to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) expected at over USD 1.3 trillion per year by 2030[1]. In Thailand, the public sector spends THB 302,367 million per year for the treatment of the non-communicable diseases[2]. As a leader in the integrated agro-industrial and food business, CPF is committed to alleviating and solving this problem by developing food products with high nutritional value that meet requirements of consumers of all ages. In addition to this, we aim to promote responsible trading by displaying product labels to support consumers' decision-making.
  • [1] 2021 The state of food security and nutrition in the world “Transforming food systems for food security, improved nutrition and affordable healthy diets for all”, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, 2021, ISSN 2663-807X (online).
  • [2] Department of Disease Control - Campaigning for World Diabetes Day 2021 to Raise Awareness of Inclusive Diabetes Care and Treatment, Division of Non-Communicable Disease, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, 12 November 2021.

Management Approach

Policy Formulation and Commitment Declaring the commitment under the CPF Healthier Choice Principles, the Health and Nutrition Policy and other related policies.
Promoting Healthy Nutrition Developing new healthy products which are full of good nutrition and appropriate for each age group.
Raising Awareness And promoting nutrition knowledge, health and well-being, while communicating accurate, clear and adequate nutritional Information of the products.
Ensuring Access to Food Enhancing access to nutritious foods and sustainable consumption through a variety of channels at reasonable prices.

Commitment :

Supporting healthy diets by delivering products with improved nutritional value.

2030 Target (Thailand Operations) :

  • Reach 35 million consumers with healthy foods and beverages per day
  • 50 percent of our new products are developed to be healthier and more nutritious

Performance in 2022 :

  • Reach 23 million consumers with healthy foods and beverages per day
  • 51 percent of our new products are developed to be healthier and more nutritious
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