CPF operates integrated agro-industrial and food business with its objectives to provide products in high quality and environmentally and socially responsible manner.
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Farmers in the contract farming program are deemed CPF’s key stakeholders according to the concept of Farmers are Life Partners. Therefore, CPF’s ultimate goal is to create career stabilities and generate incomes and well-being for farmers, which also helps to promote the country's economic stability and the world’s food security. CPF has continuously developed a farm model in the project promoting fattening pig contract farming. At present, it has received the status of a green farm, which requries public hearing to obtain testimonies from communities and must be located in an area with sufficient natural water resources to avoid negative impact on the surrounding communities. A biogas system has been installed to treat pig manure and water used for raising pigs in order to reduce odors and methane released into the atmosphere. With the goal of zero discharge of water, treated water will then be used to fertilize trees. As a result, communities and farms can coexist harmoniously.
In 2021, CPF conducted Social Return on Investment (SROI) on the Income-Guaranteed Fattening Pigs Scheme in order to manage social achievements derived from the project implementations in terms of costs, benefits and risks, as well as compare them to investment opportunities in various fields to ensure efficient and effective resource and budget allocations. The project calculation has been verified by LRQA (Thailand) Limited. According to assessment results, farmers in the project received the 4.28 times social return on investment (SROI) with a total social achievement value of THB 4,574 million. Moreover, the social impacts derived from the project implementation are also consistent with 9 out of 17 goals in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Additional details of the project are available here
CPF is dedicated to forest conservation and rehabilitation, along with promoting job creation for the surrounding communities, under the key projects including CPF Grow-Share-Protect Mangrove Forestation Project which was first implemented in 2014 and further developed into community-based ecotourism in Samut Sakhon and Rayong provinces, CPF Rak Ni-Ves at Phraya Doen Thong Mountain Project which has been implemented since 2016, Community Career Promotion Project; Freshwater Fish Breeding and Nursery in Order to Release Fishes to Pa Sak Jolasid Dam, and Growing Chemical-free Vegetables Project at Lopburi Province. Two projects have been developed as long-term strategic implementations, resulting in continuous operations. Forest areas have been restored to serve as food sources for the communities, creating occupational groups with additional income. CPF therefore has assessed the economic, social and environmental impacts according to the Natural Capital Protocol Principles and the Social & Human Capital Protocol Principles of the World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The assessment information has been certified by LRQA (Thailand) Limited. It was found that all 5 projects resulted in the real value of more than THB 8 million.
Economic Impact Community members having a better life due to increased income from tourism, wages derived from community employment, and distribution of natural products, as well as an increase of stable foods for communities, totalling economic value of more than THB 24 million*
Social Impact Community members’ improved qualities of life in terms of social quality, participation in forest conservation and rehabilitation, and gathering of members for activities and knowledge dissemination, totalling social value of more than THB 5 million*
Environmental Impact More fertile mangrove forests which prevent coastal erosion and serve as natural nurseries for aquatic animals; healthier terrestrial forests which help restore the environment for communities, increasing fish populations in dam ecosystems. The two healthier forests help absorb carbon dioxide in the environment, totalling environmental value of more than THB 5 million*
  • * Before deducting operating costs of the projects.
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