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13 Dec 2019
CP Vietnam hosted Capacity building programme to promote good labour practices among business partners

CP Vietnam Corporation (CP Vietnam) hosted Capacity building for partnership 2019 training programme in an effort to promote sustainable supply chain management by guiding its business partners to comply with international standards for human rights and labor practices.


Over 150 partners from 78 companies were participated at the training hosted by CP Vietnam, in cooperation with the provincial Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs of Dong Nai.


Mr. Chamnan Wangakkarangkul, Executive Vice President - Animal Feed & Breeder Business and President of Sustainable Sourcing Committee of CP Vietnam, told that the company has adopted the Sustainable Sourcing Policy and Supplier Guiding Principle, which take human rights and wellbeing of those who work in the company’s value chain into a top priority.


In line with the policy, CP Vietnam has initiated the training program to share its expertise on occupational health and safety as well as human rights principle and labour practices to business partners.


“The company cannot achieve sustainable growth without good partners. Therefore, we have initiated the Sustainable Sourcing Policy and Supplier Guiding Principle to guide our business partners to undertake any kinds of international labor standards, helping them to grow sustainably and together with us.” Mr. Chamnan said, adding that the better labour practices will also raise competitive advantage for Vietnam’s food industry at the global stage.


Mr. Worawit Arunraksa, Assistant Vice President Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development (CSR&SD) of CP Vietnam, added that company has adopted and communicated the sourcing policy, covering four main areas including product and services' traceability (Product), fair treatment of employees and human rights (People), environmental-friendly process (Process), and verifiability performance and risk management (Performance). It is also importance to note that 100% of critical suppliers has been assessed on sustainability aspects.


Being recognized for its sustainable practices, the company was listed in the Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI) 100 for 2 consecutive years, demonstrating outstanding performances in the area of economy, society, and the environment.

Other Activities
07 Jul 2020
คอนแทร็คฟาร์มมิ่งซีพีเอฟ หนุนเศรษฐกิจ-สังคม-สิ่งแวดล้อมยั่งยืน


#cpf #csr 
04 Jul 2020
ซีพีเอฟ สานต่อโครงการ“ปลูก ปัน ป้อง ป่าชายเลน”เฟสสอง ร่วมรักษาสมดุลระบบนิเวศทางทะเล


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26 Jun 2020
ซีพีเอฟ สร้าง “เครือข่ายชุมชน” ดูแลผืนป่ายั่งยืน ต่อยอดสร้างความมั่นคงทางอาหาร


#cpf #csr 
23 Jun 2020
CPF imposes strict animal welfare standards on livestock and aquaculture value chains


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