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19 Feb 2021
CPF secures IPHA certificate on strict measures against COVID-19

Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CPF) announced the winning of Industrial and Production Hygiene Administration (IPHA) certificate thanks to its stringent measures to safeguard production lines from the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

Mr. Siripong Aroonratana, CPF’s Chief Operating Officer - Livestock Business, said that CPF has placed extreme emphasis on food safety throughout the production chain and the most stringent safety measures have been enforced after the outbreak of COVID-19, to protect workers, working premises and the entire production process as an assurance to consumers. It was not a surprise that CPF’s 9 plants where feed mill, food processing and ready meals are produced are the first to win IPHA certificate, a joint initiative of the Federation of Thai Industries, the Public Health Ministry and the Industry Ministry to build confidence among consumers.

“CPF has exercised the toughest disease prevention measures. Under the Covid-19 Monitoring and Management Center, we established teams to tackle human and animal epidemic. A number of measures have been deployed to assure consumers of food safety which can be traced from upstream to downstream. IPHA certificate is another confirmation of our efficient practices,” he said.

IPHA certificates will be given to food-processing factories that pass the assessment on hygienic standards for workplace, production process and workers.

CPF’s disease prevention framework focuses on 7 areas - hygiene, preventive measures, procurement, communications with employees, cooperation with the government sector and remediation. The safety of “employees” is the priority, as only safe employees can help the Company proceed with the production of safe food for all consumers.

For business continuity, CPF puts in place a number of measures which cover 3 key aspects:

1) Food security: the Company’s production line must not be disrupted, to prevent food shortages.

2) Supply chain and logistics: The government assistance has been sought to facilitate transportation of raw materials to factories and food products to consumers, even during lockdown.

3) Disease prevention: Employees in Thailand and overseas are given guidelines on how to protect themselves against the disease while the Company stocks up alcohol gel and face masks and orders some employees to work from home. Employees returning from risk areas are allowed to self-quarantine for 14 days without having to take leave.

CPF has dutifully and continuously churned out safe food for consumers since the outbreak began. Furthermore, it has shared preventive measures and crisis management tips with suppliers, farmers and any interested parties, to join the national endeavor in sailing all through hard times.

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