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01 Mar 2021
CPF engages suppliers in effort to achieve sustainable supply chain and sustainable food

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CPF) proceeds with its effort to promote responsible operations among business partners and suppliers, to engage them in the development of agricultural supply chain and food industry for sustainable development.  

Mr. Siripong Aroonratana, chief operating officer of CPF, said that as a world-class producer and exporter of quality food to over 30 countries, CPF is striving to continually enhance business partners’ and suppliers’ capability in strictly complying with laws and regulations as well as international standards. The goal is to reinforce economic, social and environmental responsibility throughout the supply chain by uniting all in the delivery of high quality, safe and traceable food in response to increasing demand for products from responsible production process and sources as well as the New Normal way of life following the COVID-19 outbreak.  

“In producing and delivering quality food in a sustainable manner requires suppliers’ engagement.  Considered our “business partners”, they must responsibly produce products and source raw materials and ensure their operations meet international standards. This will not only help address consumers’ preferences and challenges in the global scene, but also contribute to mutual growth for both CPF and the suppliers and sustainable development for society and the environment,” Mr. Siripong stressed.  

CPF has informed and communicated with suppliers the Company’s Sustainable Sourcing Policy and Suppliers Guiding Principle since 2015. Each year, CPF has organized a seminar to promote knowledge and understanding in labor management. It has also conducted an annual assessment on suppliers’ sustainability, to help suppliers improve their operations and conform with CPF’s and international sustainable development principles. 

In 2021, CPF will proceed with the suppliers’ capability building and sustainability assessment,  to ensure their conformity with CPF’s Sustainability Policy’s 4P principles which entail Product, People, Process and Performance; as well as international sustainable sourcing standards that involve treatment of labor, human rights principles, environmental management, and optimization of energy and resources. The conformity is aimed at enhancing the confidence of customers and consumers, through the delivery of high-quality, nutritious, safe and traceable food products that come from a sustainable supply chain. 

Mr.Vichapoom Kantanarumitrakul, managing director of A.N.B. Packaging Co., Ltd. which has supplied corrugated boxes for CPF’s product delivery to the world for more than 20 years, said that aside from cost and profit, A.B.N. Packaging has to be concerned with business ethics, fair treatment of employees and sustainable material sourcing which must not violate laws or harm forests. The concerns have fostered solid growth for the company and won trust from CPF and customers for a long period.  

Mr.Khajadpai Areeprasertsook,  Director of marketing and sales – industrial products    of Srithai Superware PLC which is a packaging supplier of CPF, said that by integrating sustainability into the company’s business strategies, Srithai Superware has enjoyed increasing trust from customers and consumers. Business stability in turn draws talented employees who have further driven the company forward. Importantly, operating business under sustainability principles has introduced new trade and marketing opportunities to the company. 

Mr.Chatchai Wachiratienchai, managing director of  Aur-Aree Food Product Co., Ltd., added that as a supplier of garlics and chilli for CPF for 12 years, the company is required to emphasize organizational development and conformity with CPF’s standards. As a result, the company’s employee benefits and product quality and development are closer to international standards.  Meanwhile, อารีฟู้ด has applied the knowledge obtained from CPF with its sustainable garlic peeling project and a program dedicated to uplift organic vegetable farming in Chiang Mai Province.

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