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01 Jun 2021
"CP Vietnam" carries on its mission to become the "Kitchen of the World"

"CP Vietnam" carries on its mission to become the "Kitchen of the World"


CP Vietnam has invested and operated in Vietnam since 1988 at the invitation of the Vietnamese government after visiting the CP Group's food factory in Thailand to learn about food production for exports.


At that time, farms in Vietnam mostly raised backyard pigs and chickens. For over the 3 decades, CP Vietnam has contributed to the development and upgrading of the livestock industry and aquaculture of Vietnam, raising the standard of food safety and, subsequently, the quality of life of Vietnamese people.


As in Thailand, CP Vietnam operates a fully integrated agro-industrial business, from producing feed (Feed) - breeding and farming animals (Farm) to processing meat and food (Food).


It also operates retail businesses including CP Shop, CP Fresh Mart, CP Pork Shop, fast food chain under the Five Star and Chickita brands, and a joint venture with AHM Lifestyles-Creative Hospitality Co., Ltd. to operate a restaurant business in Vietnam and distribute food products worldwide.


In 2020, CP Vietnam produced more than 5 million pigs, over 200 million eggs and more than 80,000 tons of broiler chickens. As a result, revenue in the past year has grown 26%. The company has become a "star" with the highest growth rate among CP Foods’ overseas operations.


In December 2020, CP Vietnam inaugurated its CPV Food Complex in Binh Phuoc province that is fully-integrated chicken production and export operation. The complex produce “Made in Vietnam” food brand for markets abroad such as Hong Kong, Japan and the Europeans.


It is the largest project in Vietnam's livestock industry and also the most advance. Automation and modern technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Data are being used in the production process. This is an important step for CP Vietnam in achieving its vision of "Kitchen of the World", producing and delivering high quality food to both local and global consumers.


CP Vietnam has contributed to the development of more than 3,000 families across the country over the course of 30 years, changing their backyard farms to a high biosecurity and environmentally friendly farms that are on the same standard as the company. This helps support Vietnamese farmers to earn morei income and having a good well-being.


Mai Dinh Phon, 78, has been raising chickens with CP Vietnam since 1995, says the company has supported him in terms of breeding chickens, food and upgrading his farming practices to be environmentally friendly. Starting with 10,000 chickens, today, he owned a broiler farm of more than 200,000 animals, generating VND5 billion in income. There are also many families with farmers who have improved their quality of life through partnerships with the company such as Pham Van Canh from Cam Xuyen, Ha Tinh Province, who earns nearly VND 30 billion a year from raising thousands of pigs with CP Vietnam.


In 1993, Mr. Montri, an accountant from Thailand, has been assigned to act as Finance Manager for CP's Plant in Vietnam. At first, he felt hesitant because he doesn't understand much about Vietnam's trade regulation. After 28 years, the young accountant has become the top executive of CP Vietnam, taking care of more than 30,000 Vietnamese employees and able to talk to Vietnamese people fluently.


Even though he is currently the top executive of the company. Mr. Montri was humble with the management style that placed importance on the sincerity, love, and cares for everyone around. These attributes help him to win the hearts of all Vietnamese employees. When employees greet, Mr. Montri will warmly reply in Vietnamese. He also participate in various volunteer activities and regularly donates blood.


 “The secret of managing foreign companies is understanding the people and culture of Vietnam. You take care of them and, they will take care of you. One more thing that the company is proud of is its contribution to the development of Vietnam's livestock industry and export Vietnamese food products to all over the world. We care about farmers and the quality of Vietnam's products.” he said, “This is in line with CP Group’s “3-benefits” philosophy, which are the country, the people and, lastly, the company.”


Other Activities
31 Mar 2021
เนื้อแปรรูปไม่ใช่ผู้ร้าย เพียงรู้และเข้าใจ บริโภคอย่างปลอดภัย
09 Feb 2021
กรมปศุสัตว์ย้ำเนื้อสัตว์ปลอดภัย ปลอดโควิด แนะเลือกซื้อแหล่งมาตรฐาน สังเกตสัญลักษณ์ "ปศุสัตว์ OK" เน้นทานอาหารปรุงสุกเท่านั้น
29 Jan 2021
เนื้อสัตว์ปรุงสุกทานได้ปลอดภัย ย้ำ!! อาหารไม่ใช่แหล่งแพร่โควิด-19
14 Jan 2021
ย้ำสุกรในไทยไม่เคยพบไวรัส G4 หรือไวรัสไข้หวัดสายพันธุ์ใหม่
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