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Evergreen Mangrove Forest Helps Promoting Food Security

Value of Mangrove Ecosystem

Mangrove forest is an ecosystem consisting of plants and animals living in muddy, brackish, and wet environment. The forest ; therefore, can be found in shallow and coastal areas, deltas, estuaries or lagoons.
The most common plants found in these intertidal forests and mangrove species; therefore, they are called 'Mangrove Forest'.

Mangrove Forest Situation

During 1975-1996, the mangrove forest area in Thailand has dramatically decreased by 50%.
However, from 1996 onwards, the mangrove forest restoration effort had continually regained the forest area.

Mangrove Forest Area in Thailand

Causes of Mangrove Forest Destruction

Over Exploitation
The mangrove forest area is exploited and destructed
Expansion of urban and industrial area
Ecosystem Deteriotation
Ecosystem destruction and deterioration
Lack of Knowledge
Misunderstanding and lack of knowledge in mangrove forest management

Mangrove Forest Reservation and Restoration

Grow the awareness on mangrove forest preservation by promoting ecological and economic values of mangrove forest and coastal resources and the 4 process of mangrove forest replanting activity i.e. sowing, planting, growing and assessment.
Share knowledge and experiences in mangrove forest replantation and preservation amongst all the concerned parties
Protect the mangrove forest through the colabouration of the network of mangrove forest preservation and restoration and civil society based on the knowledge and understanding of mangrove forest’s ecological and economic values.
1 Sowing
Raise strong seedlings in the nursery area that provides right sowing condition e.g. temperature, humidity, light etc.
4 Monitoring
Monitor the growth of the plantation and its ecological conditions regularly.
Mangrove Forest Replanting Activity
2 Planting
Plant young plants in the area that provides suitable environment e.g. water depth, hydrology, types of plant, etc
3 Growing
Raise strong seedlings in the nursery area that provides right sowing condition e.g. temperature, humidity, light etc.

Our Collabouration Partners

Our Determination

Realizing the importance of managrove forest as productive ecosystem in promoting biodiverity that brings natural and environmental balance.

CPF has joined forces with government agencies, academic institutions, and local communities in mangrove forest in 17 provinces in the Southern, Northern, and Central Eastern of Thailand
logo-green icon-area Mangrove Forest Area icon-spot CPF Mangrove Plantation Area During 1993-2013
Replantation Area
Reservation Area
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