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25 Mar 2020
CPF implements stringent measures to keep farms safe amid COVID-19 outbreak

March 26, 2020 -- Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CPF) has shielded its farms and its farmers under contract farming agreements, to undertake stringent prevention restrictions that comply with  international standards to ensure food safety.


Dr. Damnoen Chaturavittawong (D.V.M), Senior Vice President of Swine Veterinary Service Department at CPF, said the company has implemented more stringent measures on diseases prevention in every farmed process.


CPF all farms’ basic work is to strictly on good operating practices in line with international standards, including implemented temperature screenings upon entry into the facility. Moreover, workers must go through sanitation and disinfection procedures such as disinfectant foot dips and hand spray. They are required to wear masks all the time. In addition, shared spaces, transportation and equipment are frequently cleaned by disinfectant and alcohol.


“CPF’s pigs are raised with strict farm biosecurity in closed farms with temperature control. All vehicles used at the farms are sanitized before entry. The company also regularly inspects sources of animal feeds to make sure that the supplies are disease-free as part of the company’s traceability practice,” he said.


The company also transfers the practices to all of its contract farmers to avoid risk of COVID -19 infection among workers in the supply chain and ensure safety meat to consumers. 

Dr. Damnoen suggested that consumers should buy meats from trustable sources with clean, good animal welfare practices and international standard biosecurity to prevent food contamination.


“CPF has farmed strictly under international standards and animal welfare principle. The company also works closely with the government agencies to prevent contagious diseases in animals to ensure meat consumption is totally safe,” stressed Dr.Damnoen. 

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