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07 May 2021
CP Foods supplies food for elderly and vulnerable groups as COVID-19 hits hard

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) has supplied 2,000 packs of ready-to-eat meals to Ministry Of Social Development and Human Security to distribute for elderly and other vulnerable groups during COVID-19 outbreak.


Ramrung Worawat, deputy permanent secretary for social development and human security, said this new wave of outbreak has hit hard on the group of elderly people, people with disabilities and other vulnerable people. The essential items given by the private sector will help the Ministry to achieve its relief mission, ensuring that they have received sufficient supplies for their daily lives. This donation will also support the government’s COVID-19 prevention measures.


 “Thanks to all sectors for providing helping hand for the elderly, the disabled or other people who have suffered from the epidemic of COVID-19, helping them to gain access to safe and sufficient food in this difficult time,” said Ms. Ramrung.


Aside food donation, CP Foods gave four freezers at the Department of Older Persons and the Elderly Social Welfare Development Center to store ready-to-eat food products such as shrimp wontons, garlic fried rice, Teriyaki chicken rice, etc. for distributing the elderly and other people in need .


According to the CP Group policy, CP Foods brings its expertise in safe food production and distribution to help society during the new coronavirus outbreak via the CPF Food from the Heart against COVID-19 project, providing food supports for medical staffs nationwide.

Other Activities
23 Jun 2021
LPN Foundation thanks CP Foods for continually aiding migrant workers and vulnerable groups amid COVID-19 outbreak
07 Jun 2021
CP Group and CP Foods give away foods and drinks for people as COVID-19 vaccination starts at Bang Sue Grand Station
04 Jun 2021
CP Foods supports Ministry of Labour to roll out the mass vaccination for insured workers
24 May 2021
CP Group and CP Foods continues to donate food to help out the national mass vaccination plan
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