CPF operates integrated agro-industrial and food business with its objectives to provide products in high quality and environmentally and socially responsible manner.
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CPF is committed to providing high quality products that are nutritious, tasty, safe and traceable.
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Technologies and innovations play important roles in the current global situation, causing rapid changes as well as unprecedented skills and an increase of competitive employment. CPF, therefore, strives to be a learning organization that encourages employees to everlastingly develop their skills and potential. The Company also recognizes a great opportunity to encourage students and people who can potentially become vital workforces in the future to gain knowledge, skills and potential that sustainably meet the business requirements.

Employee Development

CPF is committed to developing employees by enhancing their knowledge, skills and abilities in every aspect to meet requirements of the targeted organizational structure and manpower. CPF has set individual development plans (IDP) to ensure that all employees are ready to perform both present and future tasks quickly and effectively. In this regard, employee learning and development programs have been established and are divided into 4 important areas as follows:

  1. Fundamental Program consists of basic courses necessary to creating awareness and understanding of duties and responsibilities, which include Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations, Corporate Governance, Code of Conduct, Disciplinary Action, and Occupational Health and Safety Work, as well as courses such as Organizational Sustainability Development and Preparation for Digital Workforce.
  2. Future Skills Development Project that focuses on developing digital literacy of employees, which includes hard skills such as Data Analytics and Robotics, and soft skills such as Design Thinking and Agile. The development programs comprise 4 levels covering basic to advanced levels for laying foundations and enhancing employees’ skills in using digital technology in each target group. Moreover, various courses in other areas are offered that helps develop knowledge and future skills, improve job-specific skills to develop essential work skills, and foster a global vision and synergy among employees to accommodate the organizational growth in the future.
  3. Leadership Development Program aims to develop leadership skills among supervisors, managers at all levels and executives. The program has been developed to ensure readiness in systematically developing teamwork and management skills. In addition, talents have been selected to participate in the Leadership Development Program for selecting personnel to strengthen the business, being prepared for internal growth and supporting the organization towards sustainable growth. More than 1,000 employees have participated in the Leadership Development Program.
  4. Technical Development Program promotes technical skills and knowledge management of each business unit in order to comply with the same system and standard by establishing Technical Academy based on professional groups, creating mutual learning and knowledge sharing society through the Learning Community to develop knowledge and skills that are truly in line with responsible tasks, and enhancing employees’ abilities to ensure their readiness for the business growth, that changes rapidly.
In addition, CPF has recognized the importance of fostering a corporate culture of sustainable learning and therefore creates an atmosphere that supports lifelong learning through a variety of learning formats known as hybrid training. The training includes on-line, on-site, on-ground and on-demand formats tailored to suit each learning course which emphasizes lifelong learning, implementation and development. For example, self-learning through e-Learning, live learning through virtual training, group coaching and on-the-job training.

Particularly given the current situation, CPF has provided an opportunity for employees to adjust work styles to suit their functions, and supports self-learning anywhere, anytime through the learning platform called “Im-Ru” that provides employees with internal and external access to knowledge and skill developments, and on-demand learning with more than 900 courses.

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